Once upon a time ...

There was a young Mum racking her brains for something really nice for her daughter for Christmas. She searched the shops, she trawled the internet and found a sweet tree. "What a great idea!" she thought and set out to make one for her daughter.

The finished tree glowing with dozens of fruit pastilles looked great (even though she was suitably modest about it) and she took a photo and put it on her Facebook page. She didn't expect what happened next.

She was deluged with orders from people who wanted unusual gifts for birthdays and for Christmas.

She was asked "Can you do it in different sweet?" And she said 'yes' and went away to work out how! She even made a cone shaped Christmas tree from Smarties.

Without realising it, Dee Needs had created a business and it's got bigger as news of her amazing sweet trees has spread. Since she started in 2011 she’s become a real expert and has created trees with a huge selection of sweets, small ones, large floor-standing trees and more. "It's important that each sweet is evenly positioned so the finished tree is perfectly shaped," she says, adding "I'm a bit of a perfectionist."

Her fame has spread and she's created trees for every table at weddings and corporate events. She's often hired by event planners to add a something unique to their events and she has worked in hotels all around the south of England creating trees for special events and her sweet buffet is a big hit at corporate events as well as family celebrations.